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  • Our Story
This is a Christian Non-profit organization, founded in October 2010 by Rose and Pastor Herber Harrigan.

Beginning in 2004 we started to evangelize in the area of Glacie Couraux, a small, underdeveloped country in Haiti. We started by teaching the natives the word of God because many of them did not know God. We made every effort to go at least three times a year to do this. However, the people in this area were discouraged and started there was no church to attend so they could continue learning the word after we left... This trouble us; we prayed a lot on this and decide we would start Grace. One of our first projects was building a church in the area name Grace Tabernacle Chruch. As soon as we started construction many of the natives accepted Jesus Christ as their savor. Of those that accepted Christ, a lot of them died due to recent break in Cholera. In this, we give thanks to God for making it possible to save these souls. We learned a valuable lesson that when God calls you to do his work, don’t neglect it. Even if you thinks it’s too big, start small. When God called us to do his work, if we didn’t go those souls would have been lost. For this reason we will continue to develop the area and continue with our vision for this non-profit organization. Our vision is for a church, school, and clinic. Since 2004 we have been helping children as well as adults. We give them food, we give them clothes. There are no schools in the area, but we pay for some kids to go schools no matter how far.

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travelling from region to region on foot.

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